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The Photoshop Designer Affiliate Program


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Earn $30 commission for every 1st Edition Training Program ($97) that is sold through your referral.  It's a great product and now you can make money through referrals on the internet.  You will have advanced tracking options, customizable interface and real-time statistics reporting (impressions, click-thru's, conversion ratios, etc.)

It's free to join!  You can also earn $45 for each $147 "Total Package".  Click here to sign up for free.  Advanced tracking software is in place so you can track your own results.  As an affiliate there is no product you have to create!  It's up to you how you choose to market the already developed training program, but I'll still help you out with;

    -different marketing methods that you can use to promote PSDer Products

    -access to many differents ads, banners, flash, etc. for you to choose from

    -continuous improvement of conversion ratios & ad performance

    -ongoing affiliate training and performance improvement recommendations (coming soon)

When you join as an affiliate you can also purchase the 1st Edition for the price of $97 and keep your own $35 commission (I'll send you a check for $30).  This is kind of a secret but I expect that you'll want to sell more on your own.  But this gets you to experience the product firsthand so you can better promote it.  Here are some other pointers to look @:

For any affiliate program, here is what you need to consider:

1. Quality product and service? Yes.

2. Healthy commission? Yes.

3. Quality Tracking software? Yes. You can run reports and track everything online (with 1 year cookie tracking).

4. Good conversion ratio? Yes. Currently at .6% of click-thru's.  The C/R will improve with continuous testing to benefit all affiliates.

If you are already a webmaster for a Photoshop site online this is a Huge opportunity to send your qualified traffic and make some extra income.  Finally a quality product that you can promote and let your people know about!

Every click through or visitor to Photoshopdesigner.com has a value of $ . 18 for you.  If you can refer that traffic for less than that, you are profiting.  I will teach you on different ways you can promote and market the product.  If you already understand affiliate programs, have connections, or own a website with decent traffic, you're at a huge advantage.  If you can refer people for nothing then you have all profit! 

I will provide ongoing training on how you can market the products because it's a win-win situation for you with this quality associate program (even for those who don't like Photoshop).

If you're new to affiliate programs, your commission checks cover my entire marketing expenses for that transaction: you are the marketer and you profit even though I am taking more of a "loss" (it simply contains my marketing expenses to a given standard.)

Click here to sign up as an affiliate for free and get started promoting!  You can then purchase the First Edition (at full price) and then receive the discount (I'll send you a commission check).  There are no recurring fees to stay involved (unlike some programs).  Checks are paid out at the end of the month.  It's such a great opportunity to make extra money, whether you love Photoshop or not!  Join today.

Not only can you continue your Photoshop education but now you have the chance to make money helping others learn!

Make sure you check out www.photoshopdesign.net where I pull out all the plugs on some killer tutorials and resources for you to MAX out the power of Photoshop.  Together we are going to become a central resource for inside industry Photoshop users and designers!

p.s. you can also sell other Photoshop Designer products as they are released!  currently you can also promote the iPSD Flyer Series and get a $10 commission for every sale (of $29).  You can choose to join both programs when you have logged in and then choose which links you want to use.  You will see which program is which.

p.p.s. there is no charge for the ongoing affiliate training; it's in my best interest to help you succeed! (coming soon). You'll also learn a lot about how to make money on the internet if you're new to the game.  It's a hot industry right now!  Don't miss out...Start making money today in the ever-growing e-conomy!  Click here to sign up now.

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