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Includes both Macintosh and Windows software

5 1/2 Hours of Training and 142 Tutorials. 

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Expand your Photoshop versatility by exploring these two very exciting genres of graphic design.  You will understand and learn how to harness blending mode magic throughout the dozens of C-Poster designs. 

You will understand and see the power of blending modes and layers in the breakdown and creation of this exciting, nightlife oriented genre which you can easily duplicate.  Learn how to create beautiful fantasy style designs and posters by going "Inside the Design" with the Nuera Design Series.

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NuEra & C-Poster                                     C-Posters


Minimum Requirements for Windows & Macintosh
Must have a DVD Player and DVD software on computer to run.  Will also work on TV DVD players (most models).  Speakers are required for audio.  Training program was produced in Photoshop 7 & CS and applies to all versions of Photoshop (the later your version, the more features you will be able to understand and use that I cover).  Click here for a detailed Q&A.

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Throughout the site, the screenshots or designs that you see are taken from the specific training discs themselves.







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This product is included when you order the Total Package


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