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 Vol. 2                             August 4, 2004                           Issue 10  

PSDer issues will now only be released monthly.  Take your Photoshop skillz to a higher level.





I'm proud to announce the launch of BasicPhotoshop.com & PhotoshopDownloads.com They are the first in a new and expanding series of Photoshop-related sites and now has 60 Free Tutorials of it's own.


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This issue's special word or phrase: "60 Free Basic Photoshop Tuts."


I just came across your site a couple of days ago. It's at the top of my list for great tutorials...I look forward to Photoshop designer e-mails eagerly.

May God bless you for sharing your knowledge... =) Sincerely",
Ram: Florida, USA


ATTENTION: ALL SUBSCRIBERS.  You will automatically be subscribed to my new PhotoshopDownloads.com List within the next few days.  You can unsubscribe at any time.  You will receive over 100 Free downloads right away.  You will also receive the downloadable source files to work with for your favorite PSD.NET tutorials (for educational purposes only).  Now you can follow along with tutorials step by step.


Click here or above to get my Basic Photoshop Training DVDs for only $49.95

I'm proud to announce 60 new tutorials on the new BasicPhotoshop.com  These tutorials will teach you all kinds of things about 'the rest' of Photoshop; the elemental stuff so you can build a strong foundation to create greater design. 

Check out the new Basic Photoshop tutorials here.

Also New:

628 Pages of Tutorials now available on PDF here.

Click here to go to the PSDesign.NET Tutorials page

There are over 40 Photoshop & image editing articles to choose from here.

All Subscribers,

The PSDer will now be released only once a month.  Since the last 2 PSDers, I've developed 60 FREE (YES, 60) spanking new Basic Photoshop tutorials for my BasicPhotoshop.com  You can check 'em out at this link right here.  They'll teach you the fundamentals of knowing how to really "work" within Photoshop.

This new website is perfect for those of you who are lacking in a broad understanding of Photoshop and it's tools.  Here's where you can get your grounding and take your design and image editing to a much higher level @ BasicPhotoshop.com

I'm proud to also announce the official launch of PhotoshopDownloads.com.  You will automatically be subscribed to receive free downloads (styles, brushes, etc.) as well as the source files for PSD.NET tutorials.  I've also created more content which I am offering free (all of it) to PSDesigner Package/First Edition/Total Package customers (past and future orders).  You can check out the new and improved PSDesigner Package here including countless downloads.  More coming soon with even more changes being made so stay in the loop and sign up for BasicPhotoshop's 60 free tutorial series!

I've broken apart the "First Edition" to offer more targeted training for those who just want to learn Photoshop (Basic Photoshop) and am now offering my design related Photoshop products separately on Photoshopdesigner.com.  You can also get all of my training (formerly the First Edition: Total Package) now as the Discover Photoshop: Total Package here.

I can be reached at orion@photoshopdesigner.com if you have any questions or requests for articles or tutorials that I could make (when I find time).  I've renewed my NAPP membership and am looking forward to Orlando on September 1-3 for the PhotoshopWorld East Conference.  If you're going to be there, once again meet me at the nacho cart.  It's going to be a blast and this time I must win a guru award.

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