Vol. 2                                 April 1, 2004                             Issue 1  

Welcome to the 2nd Volume:

This is the upgraded & altercated version of the PSDer!  Take your skillz to a higher level.




Hey, it's Orion Williams.  By now I'm sure that you've all got to check out the brand new PhotoshopDesign.NET

It's going to be a leading resource on the internet for quality Photoshop training (with an emphasis on design).  It's just recently been launched and already getting a few thousand visitors/day.

I'm pretty proud of it myself and will continue to add more quality content.  Thanks for helping to make it so successful!

Thanks for joining me on your journey towards better understanding of Adobe® Photoshop® & effectively applying it for graphic design. Enjoy this issue & and don't forget to pull an April Fool's Day prank on someone!




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Royalty-Free Photos By Subscription


Did you know that you can sign up as an affiliate to promote the PSD products and earn some great commissions.


This issue's special word or phrase: "William Hung"

(carefully planned open space)

Click here to check out the tutorial on creating a version of the "American

Pie" Logo


Find out how to make the perfect blend.  This is a must for all Photoshop users & designers!  Click here or below for the perfect blend tutorial.

Click here to go to the Tutorials page.  In mid-April there will be at least two dozen more tutorials produced by me.  I will always be adding links to other great Photoshop tutorials online from this page.

Click here for an article on Adjustment Layers.  Adjustment layers allow you to make instantly changeable or disposable changes to your layers without destroying or altering the pixel data on the layer itself.


Click here for an article on Blending Modes.  Learn how to harness this powerful feature of Photoshop to create instant powerful effects!


To learn more about the iPSD series where you can gain

access to interactive .PSD files within Photoshop click here.  Below is one of the iPSD files you can learn from.

The 60 iPSD files are also included when you order the First Edition Total Package.

Welcome all you new PSDer subscribers.  We're growing pretty fast!  Keep checking your email for each issue.  Issue's will be released at least once every two weeks.  Hope you like the new changes in the PSDer!

I can be reached at orion@photoshopdesigner.com if you have any questions or requests for articles or tutorials that I could make.

You can now check out the virtual 'me' @ Photoshopdesigner.com

You can see there that I'm only wearing boxers...April Fools! (that was so lame but at least it can remind you to play a trick on someone this April Fools day for you U.S. based designers).


It's been a month since the PSWorld Conference in San Fran. & I'm preparing soon for my ACE exam.  I still didn't get nominated for a guru award; maybe next time...as long as one of you are nominated that'll be good enough for me if I don't make it.  Well that's it for now...until the next online episode,




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