Vol. 1                            December 22, 2003                     Issue 1    

Welcome to the first PSDer

Ever.  Happy Holidays!


Welcome Photoshop Designer! There will be an Article, Tutorial or Both for each column of every issue of the PSDer.  Thanks for joining us on your way into understanding Adobe® Photoshop® & effectively applying it for graphic design. Enjoy & Happy Holidays!

Changing the Font of Several Layers:

Link all of your type layers, hold down the shift key and in the Options bar, choose a different font.  Your linked text layers will automatically change.

Need to move an image while using another tool (such as transform when you can't see the outer boundaries)? 

When you're in full screen mode in CS, zoomed in too close or seemingly just 'stuck' or can't switch to another tool easily, you can press the space bar to use  the hand tool to move the image around.  Release it and you're back to whatever tool that you were using.  This way you don't have to switch to the Hand tool itself.

Remember that "Tab" toggles the toolbar/menu's on and off.  And pressing "F" changes the screen modes.  It is good to get used to this as soon as you can.  Why? because it gives you more space to work with, looks prettier and you feel like you know something (if you're new).

“Excellent! This Photoshop tutorial

teaches me everything that I need

to know about the powerful tools

of Photoshop.   Not only that, but

it also is helping me gain a better

understanding of the basics of

good design.  Nowhere else have

I seen anyone teach the elements

of great movie poster design.  I

would highly recommend

Photoshop Designer for anyone

who uses Photoshop.”


Matthew Peters

Madison, WI

Layer Appreciation, Create a backscreen effect (perfect for showcasing text on a busy background), touchup with the blur tool and more!


Check out Adobe Photoshop CS.  It's worth the upgrade from Photoshop 7 or previous.  If you're really into digital imaging/publishing then you should consider the Full Creative Suite.


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See you in the next issue...       


Ha! Just when you thought it was a real ad...In this section of the

PSDer we'll show you one of the layered .psd files that is included

in the First Edition Bonus CD #3

In this column we will be featuring a look at what goes into the

making of a great design.  We will be covering many genres

throughout the PSDer Experience including movie posters,

flyers, web design, logos, DVD/product packaging and more!

There is much to learn about Adobe Photoshop.  This column

will be devoted to increasing your general understanding of

the program and mastering the basics.  Take a look at this

issue's tutorial on locking pixels.


Click Here For the Flash Tutorial


Making quality selections is an art or chore unto itself.  Here

we will be devoted to making it more of an art.  We will be

providing you with many tutorials on different ways to make

selections.  We will cover from beginning to expert level

selection techniques.

You're going to love this column!  Each issue of the PSDer

we will cover something new and practical.  No more guessing

on how exactly something is done...this will be a great way

for you to learn-and to immediately duplicate on your own!

Click here for a tutorial on how to create a Blur Mask.  This will

help you understand how to create the effect of a motion blur and

retain original pixels so something that is still can look very fast.


Check it out by clicking here!

This column will be devoted to understanding a particular focus

within Adobe Photoshop.  There are many different technical

skills that must be mastered in order to become an effective

and visionary designer.  We will be taking time to delve deeper

into many of these areas and how they relate to becoming a

better graphic designer.

Click here for Selections: Understanding How to Blur a Selection

Each issue of the PSDer we will be giving you free images which

you are free to use (non-commercially) in your own designs and

Photoshop education.  Commercial usage may be available upon

request.  As a bonus, in The First Edition, there are over 2,000

images which you can use.  All samples here are included in one

of the bonus CD's of the program.  Many images will be from the

exclusive ClubCast.TV Portfolio.

Taken from the ClubCast.Tv Portfolio.  Click any image to go

to the download page.




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Make the investment in your education for this Brand New Year!


-Orion Williams


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