Vol. 1                            January 30, 2004                     Issue 3    

Welcome designers to the

PSDer in 2004! 



Make 2004 your year for  personal improvement in digital image editing and design!


Sorry about the delay in the release of this PSDer as I was quite busy  producing the iPSD series and getting that online.

Master and harness the technical aspects needed to create design.  You must understand how to really use Photoshop if you want to expand your creative options.

Thanks for joining us on your journey towards better understanding of Adobe® Photoshop® & effectively applying it for graphic design. Enjoy this issue & Happy Happy New Year!

Drag and Drop on a specific location:

Make a small selection on the destination document which will act as the 'center' of where you want the layer to be dropped.  Go to your source document and hold down "Shift" and drag it over to the destination document and the new layer will be centered over the selected area.

Layer Sets:

Remember you can easily make layer sets to organize your layers.  Just click on the 'folder' icon at the bottom of the layers palette and you can drag layers 'into' a layer set.  Layer sets can have global properties (such as adjusting the opacity and moving the entire set) which apply to all of the layers in the set.  Don't be afraid to use them as it helps keep you organized and streamlines your layers palette.

“Excellent! This Photoshop tutorial

teaches me everything that I need

to know about the powerful tools

of Photoshop.   Not only that, but

it also is helping me gain a better

understanding of the basics of

good design.  Nowhere else have

I seen anyone teach the elements

of great movie poster design.  I

would highly recommend

Photoshop Designer for anyone

who uses Photoshop.”


Matthew Peters

Madison, WI


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In the next issue....

Detailed information on the new upcoming Photoshop Designer website which will offer lots of free tutorials and resources, more video tutorials, another iPSD download and more!


Check out Adobe Photoshop CS.  It's worth the upgrade from Photoshop 7 or previous.  If you're really into digital imaging/publishing then you should consider the Full Creative Suite.


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The last issue is available online by clicking HERE.


The extension for submitting a guru entry for PhotoshopWorld West has now been extended to Feb. 13th.  You can submit your work in several categories and vie for the prestigious Guru Award.  For more information click here.


(A layered .psd image in the iPSD Flyer Collection)

Let's go over one of the simplest and fundamental things that you

should know..how to create a new file via copy and paste. 

Remember that when doing this, if you first create a selection

and then edit: copy on that layer, that exact selection's image

size is remembered by Photoshop when you create a new file...

Click here for the tutorial.

Inside the Design with a Wedding Montage!  It's simple yet

beautiful.  Click here  for the Flash Tutorial.



The Pen Tool.  Click here for a tutorial on how to use the pen tool

to make a work path and selection.

This issue I'm making available 3 Free iPSD Files which you can

download (if you haven't already).  Click on the link below

Free iPSD Files

When the window pops up enter the information here:


user name: psdesigner

password:   letmein


Right click on any file and "save target as" and choose a location

on your hard drive to download the .psd files.  A $29 value free for you.


To learn more about the iPSD series where you can gain

access to interactive .PSD files you can learn from click here

This is a sample iPSD File on full screen mode.



Within the next few months I will be releasing advanced design

tutorials where I go through the entire design/production process

from start to finish within Photoshop.  This will allow you to see

and learn the Photoshop design process right from scratch!


I will be teaming up with Hi-Fi.Tv to access the space and

bandwidth required for these priceless education opportunities.

Here is the end result of one of the in-depth tutorials we'll be



Learn how to design this poster.

More Details: COMING SOON




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Order the First Edition.  Order today and get all of the Killer

Bonuses too with our 103% guarantee. 

Make the investment in your education for this New Year!



Feel free to email me with any comments or questions.  I like

producing video tutorials b/c I they're the most effective (and

fastest to create); however they do take up bandwidth.  Soon I will

be producing traditional Photoshop tutorials with TechSmith®

Snag It® 7 and Adobe InDesign® CS.



Starting in February I will be releasing a new web site which will

feature even more free tutorials and Photoshop resources.  Make

sure to stay in the loop for this upcoming web site to further increase

your Photoshop and graphic design education.  There are going to be

some killer design tutorials (which are really going to be a pain to

make for you because of the depth involved).



Anyone else who is planning on going to PhotoshopWorld West

on March 1-3 in San Francisco, let me know and we can all meet up.

To find out more about the conference which has some great quality

Photoshop training, go to www.photoshopworld.com  You can register

there.  You might find me at the conference as the guy walking around

with the pet llama vying for a guru award.


Once again Happy New Year and See you in the next issue!     


-Orion Williams



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