Vol. 1                            January 9, 2004                     Issue 2    

Welcome to the first PSDer

of 2004! 



Make 2004 your year for  personal improvement in digital image editing and design!

Educational Tools are important in understanding Photoshop but no matter your level of ability, you learn more and more when you just dig in deep.  There's a lot to learn but once you've mastered the basics you can really start to open up your options as new worlds of possibility await you in the realm of graphic design. 

The power of creation is in your hands b/c Yes, Photoshop is the only way to go (but you already knew that)!

Thanks for joining us on your journey towards better understanding of Adobe® Photoshop® & effectively applying it for graphic design. Enjoy this issue & Happy Happy New Year!

Adjustment Layers:

You can make adjustments on layers themselves or add an adjustment layer on top of the layer by Control or Command clicking on the layer icon and then creating a new adjustment layer from the icon or under the Layer Menu. Doing this will only apply adjustments to the "areas" that you just selected from that first layer onto the custom adjustment layer and retains the original layer state as you can turn on or off the adjustment layer. Or you could just duplicate the original layer and make adjustments on that layer but you always want to retain an original image for reference and backup.

Finding the transform handles

Often you may find the transform handles disappear because you have a smaller layer underneath or the layer is just too big.  To solve this (after Ctrl/Command-T for free transform) you can press Ctrl/Command-O to fit the view on screen so now you can see the outer handles and make your transformation.

“Excellent! This Photoshop tutorial

teaches me everything that I need

to know about the powerful tools

of Photoshop.   Not only that, but

it also is helping me gain a better

understanding of the basics of

good design.  Nowhere else have

I seen anyone teach the elements

of great movie poster design.  I

would highly recommend

Photoshop Designer for anyone

who uses Photoshop.”


Matthew Peters

Madison, WI


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How to use the pen tool to make a path and selection, Wedding Montage (using layer masking and blending modes) and more!


Check out Adobe Photoshop CS.  It's worth the upgrade from Photoshop 7 or previous.  If you're really into digital imaging/publishing then you should consider the Full Creative Suite.


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(A layered image in our First Edition Bonus CD #3)

It could also represent a PSDer's arrival @ PhotoshopWorld West in San Francisco on March 1...

To get into the basics of touching up an image, we do some basic

image enhancements and start by using the blur tool to smooth

out certain areas of the face.  Make sure to always duplicate the

layer that you're going to make pixel changes on. This is just one

of the many tools you can use in touching up an image.


Click here for the tutorial.

Backscreen effect like you see in Ads and Brochures.  This is

perfect for displaying text on a busy background!  Click here

for the Flash Tutorial.



Layers.  Check out our tutorial that will help you understand

how to work with layers and have a new clarity on layer order. 

Click Here for the Flash Tutorial.

Here are this issue's free images for you.  As a bonus, when you

order The First Edition, there are over 2,000 images which you

can use.  All samples here are included in one of the bonus CD's

of the program.  Many free images may be from the exclusive

ClubCast.TV Portfolio.


I highly recommend Photos.com as they have incredible quality stock

photography. It will help get your creative juices flowing & work easier.

Click any image above to go to the download page.



Look for our upcoming email detailing some advanced design

tutorials where we go through the entire production process

from start to finish within Photoshop.  This will allow you to see

and learn the Photoshop design process right from scratch!


We will be teaming up with Hi-Fi.Tv to access the space and

bandwidth required for these priceless education opportunities.

Here is the end result of one of the in-depth tutorials we'll be



Learn how to design this poster.

More Details: COMING SOON




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Feel free to email with any comments or questions.  I like

producing video tutorials b/c I they're the most effective (and

fastest to create); however they do take up bandwidth.  In the future

I will add some "still" tutorials to a growing database which you will

continue to have access to as well as video tutorials, ezines, etc.



Anyone else who is planning on going to PhotoshopWorld West

on March 1 in San Francisco, let me know and we can all meet up.

To find out more about the conference which has some great quality

Photoshop training, go to www.photoshopworld.com  You can register

there.  You might find me at the conference as the guy walking around

with the pet llama vying for a guru award.


Happy New Year and See you in the next issue!     


-Orion Williams



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