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"i" is for interacton.  "i" is for involved.  "i" is for invaluable.  Get iNSIDE the design.

Welcome to the next generation of Adobe Photoshop & Graphic Design Education.  You have just discovered a hidden treasure cove of now-available knowledge...Now you can interact with actual layered .PSD files of FINISHED designs.  You will reach new levels of insight when you can actually see and involve yourself within the design itself.  With our iPSD Series files, you can feel free to turn the layers on and off and look into all of the technical and creative aspects involved in the design.  Keep reading to find out more and to preview the collection.

Don't waste years trying to figure out "how it's done"-Find out Today! 


The Brand New iPSD Flyer Design Series comes with 60 (yes, 60!) complete Flyer Style .PSD (Photoshop) files for you to interact with, modify and learn from.  This iNSIDER education is only being offered by PhotoshopDesigner.com and is a priceless and exciting learning opportunity.


Remember where you saw this method of learning first: only on PhotoshopDesigner.com!



Half-Size screen shots of what you will see in full screen mode in your Photoshop.


Click here to look at the entire iPSD Flyer Designer Collection.


Photoshop Designer proudly presents the inaugural launch of the iPSD Designer Series with the Flyer Designer Collection.  Within the coming weeks there will also be other genres of design available and more designs added to each collection as they are produced.  By accessing this collection now you will receive unlimited access to the entire Flyer Designer collection no matter how our promotions change in the future.

Do you love designing?  Do you want to design flyers?  Are you interested in flyer design? If you're not interested, take a look at our collection and then reevaluate your decision.  The abilities you pick up in designing flyers you can apply to your Photoshop arsenal of skills and can apply in other areas of graphic design. 

The use of vector graphics is ever important and when you understand how they relate to the overall design and spend time interacting with a completed design and letting everything soak in, you can then not only recreate what you have learned (and saved lots of ineffective "curiosity" time) but you will have just greatly expanded your Photoshop versatility.

When you access these files today, you will have continuous access to any new material that I produce in this series.  If you have ever wondered how flyers are actually "built" this is it!  I also encourage you not to be stuck in just one specialty of design, expand your versatility as a designer and take on different areas of design; become competent across the board! 

You will find that the new technical and creative skills you pick up will not only expand your boundaries with opening new horizons but that those skills will directly apply to other areas of design.  For example by understanding or mastering flyer creation, you can apply these skills to logo design, ad brochures, signs, posters, etc.. or just take in all of your new breadth of Photoshop skill and understanding to productively delve into a new direction with your personal style of designing.

I recommend re-creating these iPSD files so you can get into the flow of creating a flyer.  Simply create a new file with the same image size settings and drag and drop layers in.  Start trying out some of our recommendations and creating the same or slightly different shape fills, selections, layer masks, etc.  This process of recreation will really help you zero in and focus on what tools and techniques you need to be using within Photoshop for effective graphic design!  You'll absolutely love it, guaranteed.

Layers, notes, channels, adjustments, filters, metadata, fills, strokes, masks, rasters, duplicates, channels, paths, typography, you name it- it's all there! The complete design production itself.  With iPSD, you can explore everything and finally understand design from the inside-out.

Break down a beautiful design from the heart of it and finally "get it".

Click here to proceed to our SSL Encrypted order form if you don't want to wait any longer and get access to these powerful iPSD designs today!

(You must have Adobe Photoshop to view and work with these files (the later the version the better). 

Yes that's right; open them up and you will have all of the file information right there: from which custom adjustment layer to which layer mask rubylith, you can look at the inner workings of real design!  This is a priceless and invaluable opportunity that you just won't find anywhere else.

The only people I know of that are doing something similar is Juice Drops.  Their layered .PSD files sell for a pretty penny.  Though they are very high quality (and I plan on purchasing them sometime), you're not looking at a full complete and deliberate design within itself.  iPSD is where you can learn the most.  If you ever want to look at how a design was done you can just download the file (or all of them in the series) and study it in depth on your time within your own Photoshop. 

If you are new to Photoshop there is absolutely no way you're going to learn quicker than the iPSD method because you'll see what comprises a good design.  Quality video tutorials are important but when you have access to 60 Photoshop files that within them each contain the meat and potatoes of design, you'll not only quickly understand the bigger picture and grasp of design but the individual elements into how each was created-the real thing.  It isn't fair to your competition for you to learn so quickly!

If you know 'technically' how to use Photoshop but need a boost on design you are guaranteed to receive greater insights.  Everything within a design to make it look simple and have the universal quality or "flow" is so visibly apparent that you won't believe your eyes.  This is like tapping into the state of mind of a professional in design (but could go for any field: you want to think like them).  This is like Richard Simmons being there with you to lose the weight (wait a minute, not the best analogy...)  Respect the art and appreciate it and it will do you good. 

Tap into the flow of creativity and effectiveness.  Learn the harmony of the aesthetic and technical from its root source.

With our layered .PSD files, not only will you gain a deeply accelerated understanding of graphic design, you will learn how it is all put together within Photoshop when you interact with each design.  One of the best things about downloading our iPSD Design files is that you can modify them on your own...

Now you can see what a perfect layer mask looks like, shadow masking, adjustment layers, shape fills, blending modes used effectively in action, layer effects, opacity/fill, typography, and much much more!  It's all in each iPSD file.  Understand and simply duplicate the industry standard elements that are within each file.

No one else is giving you such an empowering educational opportunity like this.  Agency designers would cringe at the idea of giving their secrets away.  I want you to learn as fast as possible and as much as you can about Photoshop and graphic design.  Don't waste years of your life or remain stagnant; propel yourself forward and start creating better design in Photoshop today Just take a look at the brand new iPSD Flyer Design Collection you can receive today by clicking here.

The insight you will gain from studying and interacting with these real world designs will quickly season you into more advanced and practical aspects of Photoshop and graphic design itselfYou will know how to design and apply Photoshop tools because you will understand how everything fits together in the overall design

Remember, these aren't just the flattened final images, these are the layered production pieces themselves with all of the project data contained.  When you open an iPSD file in Photoshop, everything involved in the design is there from clipping groups to color mode and from paths to patterns.

What's more?  Not only can you interact with these real-life .PSD files to see how the design was produced, you can go ahead and make changes and work within the file itself!  Now you can move layers, hide pixels, erase layers, create your own fills, try out your own blending modes and layer effects on these files.  Is that wrong?!  No, we encourage it. 

The more interactive you can be with the files themselves, the more you will learn.  Try out some effects or filters on an already cool design.  Many of the .PSD files contain the original image/layer before it was modified so you can go ahead and fool around with it and learn a lot in the process.  You will learn so much more about the technical actions that are put to use in real design.

You will greatly expand your depth of knowledge in Photoshop and understand how to produce real world design.  This is a priceless interactive learning experience.  You don't have to wait!  Don't waste hours of time piddling around with Photoshop (there's way too much to learn); instead, take a look iNSIDE of Real Design with Real Photoshop files to uncover the great secrets of professionals.  It's like shortcutting your learning curve without all of the boring articles or help menus.

Click here to order access to the iPSD Flyer Design Series right now.  The value of this series is worth $299 but when you order access today you will pay less than $50 (keep reading)...

Educational tools are leverage.  Put in your hands the most powerful learning tools you can find and you are leveraging time and knowledge on your side.

It's obvious you will learn more from our iPSD method than trying to figure everything out yourself but not only that, you'll save the time of tracking down people to actually teach you how-to-do-it.  You'll also save money by not having to learn this in an expensive classroom setting (good luck finding one anyways).  This is the ultimate way (whether you have an eye for "breaking apart" design or not) to truly get iNSIDE of real design where it's produced at the source: in Photoshop!  Here's your chance!

The level of insight and confidence you will gain you can immediately apply.....and if you think "Oh, no way; that's so easy!"  Then you should be proud of yourself that you can see it now.  Now you can apply dozens of different Photoshop techniques and start designing faster and better on your own because you'll see how it all works together in real design.


(Half-size screen shot of what you'll see in full screen mode)



I have enhanced many of the files and brought to you the added value of...


Yes, just when you thought it couldn't get any better...


Not only do you get 60 iPSD files in our first series (flyers) with which you can see Everything inside the design itself, but we have now included Annotations in all of the files(Annotations are "notes" that you can click on or off and hide residing within the .PSD document).  They are from me to you.  These annotations will just blow you away with their simple honestyIt's like tapping into my brain right in the middle of the production process in Photoshop.


I tell you how things are done.  Just click on any notation within the image to find out how a specific filter/technique/action...was created!  Many notes will talk about the concept of design and the reason I am choosing to do certain things within Photoshop.  Delve deeper into the creation process with these clues and insights.  You're right, this is just not fair to your competition! These annotations are priceless and come directly from my experience and skill as a Photoshop user and graphic designer.

So not only can you interact with all of the basic to advanced elements within any file (and how they work perfectly together in harmony) but you get Annotations that further explain design concepts and specific techniques themselves.  These are absolutely priceless to you if you really want to learn design and Photoshop in-depth as fast as you can.

The value of this level of insider-all-secrets-revealed (there's nothing that can be hid!) training is worth $299 just for the 60 flyer .PSD files.  So how much would you pay for this kind of inside-the-design-itself Photoshop interactivity?  I am offering unlimited access to all 60 iPSD Flyer Design Files for you to download today for a one time payment of only $29 (USD).

I know that Photoshop users are in dozens of countries and we also have PSDer subscribers from around the world, so anyone can order access to the iPSD Flyer Series (with verifiable credit card or paypal).  There is no shipping charge because you securely access them online, wherever you're at in the world.


I do want to give you the Photoshop Designer the best value you could get in furthering your Photoshop effectiveness, but although I have the advantage of automation to keep the price so low (you can download what you want, when you want) I cannot guarantee the low price will stay this low because of the tremendous value of the entire iPSD Flyer Collection, so I recommend you..

 Click here to order access NOW (via credit card) or..

You will then receive a password with secure access to our FTP directory download section where you can choose which files you want to download.  Download only the ones you want to learn from or download them all over a period of time-it's up to you! 

Take the opportunity to break into the vault of knowledge and Get the edge you need: today with iPSD!

"How can you offer it for such a low low price?" (you may ask): I'll tell you, because you don't have commercial reproduction rights, rather you agree to use the files (freely) in your own Photoshop education.  This should be readily understood on your part...Take a look at some of the stock-free websites out there and they charge $150 for the rights to one (yes 1) 300 dpi photograph.  Imagine what the rights to a multi-layered Photoshop file (that kicks butt) would sell for (this is why Juice Drops are so expensive @$599)!...and Hello that's why graphic designers can charge what they can!!  I am giving you full access to learn from my designs and knowledge for a fair trade.

Arm yourself with the proper tools to take on any project!  Order iPSD Today.

If you want commercial rights to any of these than you can just contact me and if I find time, I'll re-design you a new flyer for my hourly rate ($69 but I've learned to work fast & effectively).  Yes I produced these files within Photoshop and when you consider that I spent about 2 months of full-time work creating them...yikes!  The price for my time would be in the $10,000's!  Yet with access to all these hours of design time and final productions, you have an opportunity to use my leverage in knowledge of design and the promotion industry (I'm also an international nightclub promoter) and use it to your advantage to learn TONS of priceless information about Photoshop and creating real design very fast. 

Many of these are inspired from existing flyers and many are purely original.  I have created the designs and elements from scratch and using my own photography portfolio; no elements were brought in from other copyrighted sources.  You'll see that once you understand the basic elements or techniques of what creates a specific genre of design, that you can duplicate these same techniques and incorporate them into your design to tap into that "universal, indefinable quality" or value that is the industry standard. 

You should not settle for less than industry standard. Get There by interacting with these iPSD files you will understand the industry standard, the elements and how they all pull together in harmony to create the final design.  You can then start producing on your own following the techniques that we (un)cover and the treasure trove of knowledge that you discover within the files.

The Bonus Annotations in every file will clue you further into how the design was created and what steps were taken in the production that you can duplicate.


(Half-size screen shot of what you'll see in full screen mode)

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We respect your privacy & will never sell or release your information. You can unsubscribe at any time. 


So what are you waiting for?  Get access to these files today!  Turbo boost your understanding of Photoshop design.  If you ever wanted to design flyers or expand your Photoshop versatility (because lots of these elements & processes are the building blocks of all design) this is it!  The quality of the designs speak for themselves.


If you still haven't checked out each of the 60 flyers you can access and access, click here (please note that you won't see the Annotations appear on these .jpg previews: only on the .PSD's when you access and download them)If those don't excite you, maybe you'll be more interested in different iPSD series that we'll have coming out.  We'll let you know what's going on in the PSDer.  Flyer Design is a lot of fun.

You will definitely gain a respect for vector graphics and their synergy with bitmap by studying and interacting with the iPSD Flyer Designer Series.  Vectors are used universally throughout the graphic design industry and you see them daily whether you know it or not.

You don't even have to be a promoter or interested in the club/promotion/party industry because the skills you learn here you can apply to create your own style of design.  

I personally guarantee a full money-back refund if you are not satisfied in any way.  I know you're not going to play me for a fool and that you wouldn't purposely download them and ask for a refund (chargeback) because you understand the full value of this offer; but if you really don't believe that these are worth 10 times what I'm asking for, then just let me know and I'll do a refund.  No questions asked.

I am planning to initiate a subscription service where users would pay on a monthly basis for access to new designs and advanced Photoshop design tutorials.  By accessing the iPSD Flyer Collection NOW you are guaranteed to have full and unlimited access to all future iPSD designs within the collection.  If you don't access the files soon, they may be put on reserve or rationed out throughout the PSDer and the monthly subscription service.  Worse...we might raise the price. 

You will also have more free samples than other subscribers (than what I'll offer in the PSDer) and can expect discounts on other series of iPSD designs only when you order.

Get iNSIDE the design and order these Hot iPSD Flyer Design files today!

Hey, look!  It's your last chance to order access to all 60 (and more when uploaded) of the iPSD Flyer Design Series.  Remember that there's no faster way to "get it" and understand how design is "done"  through interacting with iPSD and understanding:

1. The overall concept of design (the visual representation) and

2. How all of the dozens of Photoshop building blocks actually interrelate with each other to produce the final design. 

Prepare for mental overload and accelerate your Photoshop/design skills right away because you won't find this opportunity anywhere else!  Get involved & get inside the design!  interact today with the next generation: iPSD!  

Treat Yourself, Order Now & prepare to be amazed, I want you to experience the overwhelming value.  You have nothing to lose.

Click here to go to our SSL Encrypted Order form or order via PayPal Below for only $29:

You have my personal quality assurance and 100% money-back guarantee.  Even if you don't order, I congratulate you on taking action to continuously improve and I'll see you in the PSDer or at PhotoshopWorld West.  Keep it up Photoshop Designer!

p.s.  Remember you're getting unlimited personal access to 60 full Photoshop Flyer Productions (.psd format files complete with the bonus annotations)  for a one time payment of only $29.  That's a savings of $270 off of the total access value!  (I can't guarantee how long it will stay this low)

p.p.s. remember that these files are in the native Photoshop format (.psd) so you must have any version of Photoshop to view them with all of the production data (layers, masks, metadata, annotations, etc.).  you can save

any changes by "Save" or "Save As" onto your hard drive.  Just follow our EULA.



By purchasing, you also agree to the PSDer EULA.  You can read it by clicking here.  (Basically you can't use the files commercially without written consent or claim them as your own designs; otherwise you are free to use and abuse them in your personal education uses).  Don't be dismayed by the funny file names...it's just Orion @ work..

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More download & payment information:

(In case you are having difficulty ordering or accessing the files):

After you click the link to order, you choose iPSD from the Directory, you must click "Add to Cart" and then click "OK".  Now you can proceed by pressing "Check Out" where you will then enter your order information.  If you have a pop up blocker you may receive a window asking you to accept a cookie for the Secured Page (you must click to allow cookie to process the order). 

After your request has been approved you will shortly receive your online password information to go to the secure download directory where you are free to download your i-PSD Flyer Designer Series.  The average download time for a file (averaging 2.2 MB) with a cable connection is 20 seconds.  You can right click and "save target as" to choose a destination on your hard drive.  Use the Flyer thumbnail-contact sheet as a reference if you only want to download certain files.  The total space of the 60+ files= 129 MB so make sure you find room on your computer.  If you have any problems downloading please feel free to contact orion@photoshopdesigner.com

I will notify you when your new free files are available for download.  Because of your unlimited access you will only be limited by your connection speed and time.  The average download time for a file is 20 seconds with a cable connection and 3 minutes for a dial-up. 

Once you download each file and save it to your hard drive you can back them up on disc if you want.  I just ask that you try and download each file once and back it up so you have it, but it's up to you (we have the bandwidth).  But don't give away your password to anyone else please.  This is valuable information which you are paying for and you should treat it as such.

This is not a recurring payment, you will only be charged once for the unlimited access no matter what price increases or other promotions we may have in the future.  You can order from anywhere in the world to receive access...just make sure you enter your correct address for credit card verification.



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