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"I downloaded every single file of your portfolio (yes we know and respect your work)….so….IM ALREADY LEARNING whoo hoo haha ((-:
Open up those babies and look at the settings you use….and illlllll love it…or should I say them!!!!!.((-:
Your work look pretty great…those videolessons gotta be great….can’t wait." -Rogier, Netherlands


You have over 900 MB of interactive .psd files to choose from.  Feel Free To Browse at any time.


Here you can preview which .psd's you would like to download or use the Directory as a reference for downloading.

Click on a photo to go to that thumbnail directory.  There are 10 Directories of many .psd designs to browse.


42 Psd.NET Tutorials

65 C-Poster .psd's

27 Pre-selected 'Character' Layers

30 Movie Style Posters

39 Assorted Designs

45 NuEra Genre Designs

30 Web Design .psd's

18 Recent Designs

Derrty Dozen Directory (12 files)

4 Banner Ad .psds

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More Information on the iPSD Directory:

iPSD Downloads:  Over 900 MB of downloadable interactive .psd files of finished designs.  These are only available once you order either separately or The Photoshop Designer Package/Discover Photoshop Total Package from (you will receive the access codes to the 3 major directories).  That's right! I'm giving away my work; the best of my work now available to you to learn from.  The value of this proposition can only start to be be comprehended by browsing through the Directory and seeing which design's you like (not to mention when you start interacting from them...). 

You will be able to download ANY of them so you can learn from and interact with that original .psd file in Photoshop.  See for yourself how design is built.  Play with it, modify it, recreate it, anything; you see exactly how a final design is put together!  This will reveal & enlighten you with ages of experience.  Learn straight from a pro-me!

I have gone mad to offer virtually my entire portfolio for you to learn from.  You'll not only learn how the inside mechanics work in Photoshop but also what makes up world-class design.  I guarantee that you'll find some designs that you like no matter what your taste is.  Well, you can download these designs and any of the ones you see in the Directory.  Now you can learn directly from these designs within Photoshop.  Click on and off the layers, move them around, study every detail about them that makes up the design.  You'll learn so much you won't believe it.  You will fast forward your understanding of graphic design and the balance between Photoshop proficiency and technical prowess with the aesthetic creative.  This will give you a light year's advantage over your competitors.

Go ahead and choose any designs, (pick which ones you like and write them down) or all of them and you can download them after you order.  They're guaranteed to satisfy or your money back; wait a minute, they're Free?! (I have gone mad).  There's no designer in the world who would do something like this.  However, I'm not in competition with other designers; I know I'm good and I just want to give my people the best value when they order my DVD training program (which is already a great bargain).  You'll probably even forget that you ordered the First Edition or Total Package with 16 & 20 hours of Photoshop video training respectively.  This is unbeatable value you WON'T find anywhere else!

When you order you get access to ALL of the psd.NET Tutorial .psd's. This is a $4995 value available for a limited time.  These are the files that I produced the tutorials on in  You also get the just design 'Derrty Dozen' specializing in euro, techno & c-poster elements; and you also get virtually my entire portfolio in iPSD (.psd).  These are many of the tutorials that I go 'Inside the Design' with on in the Video Training Package.

OVER 900 MB of downloads available to you.  Average file size is 3-4 MB so download times will vary.  After you order you will receive an access code & directions.  You must also abide by the EULA.  The difference between this and the iPSD Flyer Designer Series is that the Flyer Series has annotations that talk about exactly what's going on; so yes, the Flyer Series is well worth it in it's own right and I will keep them separate.  The iPSD Directory contains virtually all of my work (besides the Flyers) and because I was crazy enough to think of this promotion recently; to take the time and add annotations to over 300 .psd files would not only drive me insane (I already had to modify and optimize them) but I probably would charge AT LEAST a couple hundred dollars for them. After you purchase the First Edition or Total Package, you will be given access codes for your downloads.

So enjoy the browsing and use this directory as a reference.  You will undoubtedly be impressed with the quality of the .psd's themselves (not to mention the DVD Training itself) and their contribution to your Photoshop & graphic design education will be just the leverage you need to cut your learning curve down to a minimum.  Click here to go to the frontpage or here to order the iPSDirectory or Total Package (and it's other bonuses) and get your unlimited access ASAP..or

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