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If you are serious about learning Photoshop quickly and having a powerful and effective resource at your side, you've found it with Discover Photoshop: Total Package.  It includes TONS of powerful cool Photoshop bonuses such as .psd's of finished designs and advanced design training for when you're reading to take your skills to another level.

More than just another Complete Photoshop training program, it's a program that teaches you how to think and work (flow) like a graphic design professional while using the world's best image editing program: Adobe Photoshop. 

You will learn to master all of the Photoshop basics and many advanced techniques when you apply my easy-to- learn Photoshop training in over 500 video tutorials & 20+ hours of complete Photoshop Training.  Soon you will operating smoothly in Photoshop and also creating your own design work in almost no time at all.  Learn straight from the webmaster of PhotoshopDesign.NET (that's me).

Not only do you get all of the fundamental learning Photoshop training that you need but you also get real-life examples of how you can use Photoshop for anything from image enhancement, to red-eye reduction, to creating your own flyers and much much more.  You will see step-by-step how its done.  I even break down layer by layer many more advanced designs ("Inside the Design") All of these designs are now made available as .psd's with the iPSDirectory which is now included...And JUST RELEASED, you also receive the PSDLoad Package!   

"Photoshop Designer gives a unique approach to learning the basics of Photoshop and the motivation to create high quality artwork. Orion’s generous offer to grant complete access to his portfolio pieces for analysis makes this a total package for graphic designers who want to uncover the secrets of the professional graphic artist. I wish I had access to this kind of training when I was new to Photoshop." -Debbie May

Your mind will be opened to a WHOLE NEW WORLD of possibility when you understand what you can now do while learning Photoshop.  It's such a great Photoshop help to you!

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Are you tired of staring at a blank computer screen with no idea where to start your design project?  With The Total Package, Photoshop will no longer be a chore or an intimidating monster of a program.  It includes the DVD Basic Photoshop Training program to get you going in the right direction by laying a foundation of the technical skills you'll need to be fully articulate creatively with image editing and graphic design.

Are you a visual person?  Advertisements and website's today in the fast-moving digital age need to attract and hold people's attention and companies are looking for qualified designers.  Whatever you reason for being here, this is your chance to get going in the right direction and FAST now that you can Learn Photoshop.

You do not have to be dependent on graphic design vocational school, expensive software training or even a college education to PRODUCE RESULTS.  You need to move ahead and fast!  Fast track your education and look for ways that you can get ahead.  Educate yourself with the proper tools to learn Photoshop, get Photoshop help & save time and money (this is true for any endeavor).  


When you order now you will also receive unlimited access to over 900 MB of my top quality Photoshop (.psd format) designs.  This is a $4995 Value & the perfect way to fast forward not only your Photoshop skills but graphic design prowess.  Don't forget to browse the iPSDirectory later.  You can also browse and everything you see on that site as far as downloads are included in the Total Package.


"The training has been a great help to me and I would definetly recommend this training to those who really want to get into really learning Photoshop and not have to worry about being overwhelmed." -Brandon Spain


Here is a small sampling of what you will learn with Discover Photoshop: Total Package Photoshop Training Program

(this includes the Basic Photoshop DVD Training)


-All Photoshop tools and palettes

-How to operate within the Photoshop environment: from basic to advanced

-Creating shapes, filling selections with colors/gradients and more.  (I even throw in a few celebrity impersonations in to spice things up even more).

-Text editing and effects (Photoshop help for those who don't yet know how to use these)

-Wedding photo exercises/designs (create gorgeous and effective wedding templates)

-Adjustment layers (very in-depth and practical coverage on what you can do to change any layer/image)

-Layer sets, linking, saving files, exporting for web, merging (learn how to organize and manage your workflow)

-How to touch up and restore photos for much improved results in a matter of minutes (sometimes seconds)!

-How to make image adjustments (I cover it all including custom adjustment layers)

-Understand and master the power of layers (the fundamental of all true design)

-Get a very educated feel for the practical use of blending modes and how you can apply them in design

-How to use the power of stock photography (royalty-free) to quickly create beautiful designs in less than a minute (you won't believe how easy it is once you see it)

-Selections: all the tools, from basic to most advanced techniques (including the powerful quick mask mode): Learn how to select just about anything.  (In case you don't know yet, you create a selection out of an image so you can do something else with it like put a person onto a different background or create a world where the lion can lay next to the lamb)

....100's of Royalty-Free Photoshop Downloads & more!

-Which selection tools and techniques to use in certain situations

-Combining multiple tools in getting a quick and fast selection

-The practical and instant professional power of layer masks and their applications (covered in dozens of tutorials to make sure you understand layer masking and its importance in pro design).  Now you can "hide" pixels and create smooth or fading blends in any image (used in 90% of all movie posters)

-In-depth gradient tool and gradient layer masking

-When to use the brush tools when masking (hiding pixels)

-Layer styles & effects: Tons of powerful instantaneous effects that novices can use to look like the pro's--you will use these a lot on text as I show you how.  You will be able to create professional text for any photo or design.

-How to create custom gradients/patterns/tool presets/backgrounds...I make it easy to learn!

-Dozens of practical exercises in using & learning Photoshop to create specific designs (which you can easily recreate)

-Understanding and using vectors and the shape tools (create the kind of images you see in commercial advertising & design after you learn Photoshop with this inexpensive Photoshop training program)...

-Montages (my super specialty): basics through advanced techniques & dozens of examples

-Creating custom brushes & brush options (you'll be amazed at the kinds of brushes you can make and how you can use them)

-Channels, color adjustments, ALL palettes (understand it all)

-History and Snapshot options (understand how to fix your work well after you've made a mistake)

-Live poster design (watch me work against the clock)

-Party flyers, fantasy posters, movie posters, and much more in the 20 hours of Photoshop training in the Total Package!  Photoshop help for those who want to do it all.

-Use the Free Images Bonus CD to design posters and art of your very own (there are hundreds of pro nitelife/club photo's alone which are perfect for creating your own us what you can do!) Available only with the Total Package. I am one of the top club photographers in the U.S.

-And much much more!

Only available online.

Be prepared to open your mind, learn and experience the power of creation in the visual realm that you will soon harness.  Learn how to get it going while learning Photoshop and start to produce posters, flyers, art, professional text, retouching, color balancing & correction, create shapes, add effects, run filters, enhance and restore photographs and much more.  This is a priceless opportunity for anyone wanting to expand their Photoshop skills.

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“Excellent!  This Photoshop tutorial teaches me everything that I need to know about the powerful tools of Photoshop.   Not only that, but it also is helping me gain a better understanding of the basics of good design.  Nowhere else have I seen anyone teach the elements of great movie poster design.  I would highly recommend Photoshop Designer for anyone who uses Photoshop.”       -Matthew Peters     Madison, WI


What is your potential?

Each person is unique and has many things to express.  What do you have to express?  Maybe you just need the right tools!  When you purchase Basic Photoshop Video Tutorial DVD's or Discover Photoshop: Total Package along with your version of Adobe Photoshop, you have both the tools you need and the knowledge available to make a solid start in the right direction and really learn Photoshop and then apply it with this high quality level of Photoshop training.  

Soon you can be distributing your work via email, uploading to the web or publishing in print to share with your friends and colleagues!  You will feel the tremendous feeling of satisfaction; and where else can you actually learn the inside techniques of real graphic design??  Your friends will be jealous.  Do you know what you are capable of?  Unleash your creative potential by mastering the technical & aesthetic Photoshop skills needed for you to 'flow' as a designer.

I'm including my entire portfolio as .psd's: Click Here to browse

Get Involved & Dive Into Photoshop!

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Taking on something new or daunting should be as PAINLESS as possible.  Learn Photoshop without the pain, get straight to the stuff that counts and become a Photoshop Designer today! 

With the Discover Photoshop: Total Package you get all of the Designer Photoshop training products PLUS the Basic Photoshop DVD Training program (complete Photoshop training to help you learn Photoshop inside and out). 

That's 8 DVD's and 2 CD's (including 2,000 free images you can use in your designing) PLUS hundreds of downloadable finished designs (iPSD's) and access to 102 tutorials (now on PDF 682 pages!) you get access to shortly after you order & before the rest of the Photoshop training is even shipped; all to help you learn Photoshop and apply it effectively A.S.A.P.  In addition to the PSDownload Package which includes hundreds of royalty-free PS stuff like Styles, Brushes, Shapes, PDF Photoshop tutorials etc. also available right after you order!  All for only $139 + shipping.  Get your Photoshop Training now.

Discover Photoshop: Total Package is geared towards beginner to intermediate & advanced students with an emphasis on design and operating efficiently within the Photoshop environment.  It can cover such a broad range because of the sheer depth of the training coverage with over 20 hours of training.  The Photoshop training will drastically reduce your learning curve.  With the Total Package, the leverage of insider information is now on your sideOrder Today & truly learn Photoshop.

Click here to view some multi-genre posters I cover "Inside the Design". These are now included as .psd's when you order the Photoshop Designer Package or Total Package.

You won't believe what you can do with powerful tools like this.  I have gone insane to offer it for half the price it was before!  People still loved it but I wanted to give more people more value and knock the socks off of any competition so take advantage of the inexpensive and complete designer and Photoshop training NOW while all of the new bonuses are in place!


"I have ordered several different training programs for Adobe Photoshop and the tutorials you get from Orion Williams are far and above anything I have found so far. Really enjoy them and learning Photoshop at the same time. Thanks Orion!"  -John P. Staples

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p.s. Remember, you get over 20 total hours of on-screen video Photoshop training with several killer bonuses (in the Total Package).  Review any of the hundreds of tutorials as many times as you like.  See exactly how its done onscreen-you see it in real time as I go through the exact procedures of what I'm teaching in Photoshop.  It's simply the best way to learn.  You're guaranteed to love it and learn Photoshop or your money back!  100%.

Click here for plenty of testimonials.  Prepare for your Photoshop help to start now with your Photoshop video tutorials!

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